Express Data Manager™

The leader in product data exchange and sharing

Jotne EPM Technology data products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in the areas of Defense, Aeronautics, Oil & Gas, Built Environment and Aerospace.

Jotne EPM Technology is a leader in the development of standards-based software products specializing:

Product Data Exchange

Product Lifecycle Management

Long-term data & product OAIS archiving

Data validation & verification, code checking

Rules based data modeling

Cross-platform data sharing

Our suite of products is based upon the EXPRESS Data Manager&tm; (EDM) utilizing ISO standards, particularly STEP ISO 10303 the STandard for the Exchange of Product Model data. Jotne EPM Technology has been developing STEP ISO 10303 Product Data Exchange software products since 1994. Jotne EPM Technology can deliver every level of data management solution. From a full Product Lifecycle Modeling server to an OAIS archiving server to specialized developer tools to integrate proprietary based applications with the open standardsTM Jotne EPM Technology has a solution to fit your product data exchange requirements.

Product Suite


A Product Model Server capable of storing all your data for complex systems, including native support for any standard data model, like IFC, STEP, PLM/PLCS or Reference Data Libraries. The unified database system you need to manage the life cycle for your products and systems, using a model driven architecture.

EDMmodelServerfor 3D and PLM
(PDF, 168Kb)

New Solutions to archive PLM and 3D Data
Most aerospace companies are using PLM and 3D systems since a number of years. However, how do they archive this data? Today companies have big problem to store and exchange PLM and 3D data and more importantly no solution for long-term data retention. The Jotne EPM Technology product EDModelServer for 3D and PLM data is the first one to deploy ISO 10303 (STEP), ISO 14721.4 (OAIS) and AECMA EN 9300 (LOTAR) in a harmonized way.


The EDMmodelMigrator™ supports a company in migrating their data from a legacy data system to a different product data support environment, such as a PLM and BIM systems. A systems analyst application to document the gaps and requriements in migration and exchange projects.


A comprehensive package of tools for all users of EXPRESS - application developers, system integrators, data modelers, etc.


A complete tool for creating and visualizing data models based on the graphical notation EXPRESS-G.


Quickly and easily uses EXPRESS-X to convert data from one EXPRESS schema to another.


Validates a data set and ensures that it conforms to all rules and constraints defined in one or more EXPRESS schemata.

Business Partner Program

EPM Technology's commitment to our partnership with you includes training and educational services, customer support, and consulting services.

Tools for today... and tomorrow!

The EXPRESS Data Manager™ product suite contains all the tools you need to begin implementing the product data technology standards for the 21st century, creating and managing EXPRESS schemata, customizing data models, and establishing product-data databases and archives.

EDM is modular by design, enabling you to mix and match the products and options you want, and to easily expand or update the system as your needs change and as the standard continues to evolve. EDM products are available for UNIX or Microsoft Windows platforms.

The EXPRESS Data Manager™ products from EPM Technology are available today to meet the needs so crucial to your success tomorrow!

EXPRESS Data Manager™
     - always a step ahead!

Hands Your company, like most in the world, is gradually moving away from managing information "on paper" to exchanging and sharing it electronically, in digital forms using the computer.

It is already quick, easy and inexpensive to transfer or access basic, everyday information via databases, E-mail, the Internet, the Intranet and the World Wide Web.

It is nearly impossible, however, to accurately and reliably exchange, share and manipulate complex, technical data about a product - its design, properties and structures, its development and history, its costs and maintenance, etc. Problems arise because:

different systems are used to design, analyze, manufacture and document a product

each system has its own way of representing data

each group or organization tends to choose its own systems

systems in use change over time, making some data inaccessible

different hardware and software environments are a fact of computer life

The ability to efficiently transfer and translate sophisticated product data, independent of hardware and software environments, is now recognized worldwide as the next, natural and vital step in the evolution of product data technology and product information management.

This ability is considered essential for effective communication and cooperation, not only within work groups and among colleagues but with customers, suppliers, users and business partners.

It is considered absolutely critical if you want to achive and maintain a competetive advantage well into the 21st century!

Introducing EXPRESS Data Manager™...

EXPRESS Data Manager™ (EDM) is leading the world in its use of new technology which fully complies with the international standard for "Industrial Automation systems and Integration - Product Data Representation and Exchange" (ISO 10303) and, in particular, the project known as STEP."

This technology enables product data to be effectively managed, exchanged and shared across radically different systems, independent of location, type or network design. It allows access to this data throughout the life cycle of the product and ensures that the information is in a form that can be accessed and interpreted for decades to come.

Most importantly, EDM makes all product details, not just visual details, available to a variety of users during all phases of engineering, development, production, operation and maintenance. Ultimately, the EXPRESS Data Manager™ helps transform many business theories into realistic business goals; goals which will ensure a strategic, competitive edge for projects and companies, large or small:

minimize product life-cycle costs

provide continuous acquisition and life-cycle support (CALS)

ensure data integrity

collaborate in virtual or extended enterprises

shorten product development cycles

support concurrent product and process development

respond with agility to changing customer needs


Future trends The information handled by the EXPRESS Data Manager™ is contained in data models rather than in paper-based blueprints or application-specific programs, databases or texts. These models are created and defined in EXPRESS, the information modeling language specified in STEP (ISO 10303-11).

Like other computer languages, EXPRESS has a well-defined syntax, structure and set of language rules. In sharp contrast to other languages, however, in an EXPRESS-based approach to product data the models are totally independent of any underlying implementation tools.

As the foundation for EDM, EXPRESS makes it possible to link pieces of information that were once isolated from one another by incompatible formats. Together, EXPRESS and EDM make it possible to overcome one of the main obstacles to true business and process integration.

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