Simulation / Engineering Analysis

EXPRESS Data Manager™ (EDM) has been applied to build the following four products in support of the simulation and engineering analysis domains:

  Simulation data management collaboration server, EDMopenSimDM™

  AP209 C++ Application Programmers Interface, EDMinterface(C++/AP209)™

  Converter from NASTRAN to AP209, EDMconverter(NASTRAN-to-AP209 )™

  Converter from Abaqus to AP209, EDMconverter(Abaqus-to-AP209 )™




EDMopenSimDM™ addresses mainly two business needs: simulation data management and engineering data archival and retention. EDMopenSimDM™ adopts product data management paradigms to engineering analysis to assist the user – both during product engineering and product operation - in managing and configuring design and analysis data. EDMopenSimDM™ has applied the solutions for archival of digital engineering data offered by the ASD/AIA LOTAR initiative. These solutions are based upon the OAIS-standard (ISO 14721). They cope with the recent move to model-based engineering, which challenges established methods of data archival.

The openness of the application stems from its use of international standards, mainly ISO 10303 for the representation of industrial data and particularly ISO 10303-209 edition 2 (AP209ed2), Multidisciplinary analysis and design.The target group for EDMopenSimDM™ are manufacturers and users of complex engineering assets, such as aircraft, spacecraft, and offshore processing facilities. EDMopenSimDM™ offers to them capabilities, such as:

  Single access to product structure, CAD models, and CAE simulation data of engineering programs

  Product data management in the engineering analysis lifecycle phase

  Customer access to simulation information for maintenance and support

  Linking of design and analysis data for improved engineering iterations

  Preparation, export and import of archival information packages (AIP) for long time data retention

  Resource management for engineering tasks

  Extensive graphical and textual browsing capabilities for AP209e2 data

  Interoperability with native FEM data, like NASTRAN™ and Abaqus

  Data modeling, Database management, Rule engines and Web services access to design and engineering data

EDMopenSimDM™ is founded on the Jotne product EDMserver™.

For more details, please, refer to:

  Product sheet

  Usage guide

  Reference manual

  Web-services documentation

  Use in a typical PLM-workflow



 EDMopenSimDM™ offers specific functionality for data that are formatted in compliance with ISO 10303-209 edition 2 (AP209ed2), Multidisciplinary analysis and design. The benefits of using AP209ed2 grow with the number of applications that can read and write this format. Jotne, therefore, launched an Application Programmers Interface (API) to ease access to AP209ed2 data. This API is part of the EDM software development kit (SDK) EDMdeveloper™. The target group for this SDK are vendors and developers of simulation software.

The AP209ed2 API is implemented as an early binding EDM C++ binding. The API includes a business object layer to hide complexity of the AP209ed2 model that is not needed in a converter development context.

The API was validated and refined during the development of converters from NASTRAN and Abaqus to AP209ed2. See below, for descriptions of those products.

For more details, please, refer to:

  API user’s guide


EDMconverter(NASTRAN-to-AP209 )™

 The EDMconverter(NASTRAN-to-AP209 )™ is a utility used to transform finite element models from NASTRAN native solver format to the ISO 10303-209ed2 format.

The converter supports the most common inputs used in linear structural analysis models for NASTRAN finite element solvers.

This translator uses EDMinterface(C++/AP209)™.

NASTRAN is a finite element analysis (FEA) program that was originally developed for NASA.

For more details, please, refer to

  NASTRAN to AP209ed2: Converter User’s Guide



 The EDMconverter(Abaqus-to-AP209 )™ is a utility used to transform finite element models from Abaqus native solver format to the ISO 10303-209ed2 format. The converter supports the most common inputs used in linear structural analysis models for Abaqus finite element solvers.  This translator uses EDMinterface(C++/AP209)™. Abaqus Unified FEA (formerly ABAQUS) is a software suite for finite element analysis (FEA) and computer-aided engineering (CAE), originally released in 1978, and now under the Dassault Systems Simulia portfolio. For more details, please, refer to:

  Abaqus to AP209ed2: Converter User’s Guide


Other products

 Jotne also offers the following software products:

  EDMmodelServer™ for BIM and VDC using IFC

  EDMtruePLM™ for product lifecycle management using PLCS

  EXPRESS Data Manager™, a model-driven database system implementing data interoperability of engineering data


Background information

  The SimDM Project

  Documents and standards

  3D and FEM models

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