Data Interoperability / Exchange / Sharing / Archiving

Data Interoperability Solutions resolve business issues like:

  Data exchange

  Data sharing

  Data integration

  Data archival

EXPRESS Data Manager™ (EDM) offers functionality for all four domains. You may use it to build data translators/converters from one data format to another one, where one of them may be, but does not need to be an international standard, such as, ISO 10303 STEP or PLCS. You may apply EDM to share data in a common database. You may implement methods to integrate and merge data from many sources into one joint data model, for example into PLCS.  Or you may want to store your data for a long time in a durable open and standardized data format.

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EXPRESS Data Manager™

Logo-EDM-WorkHarderLiveLonger EXPRESS Data Manager™ is a comprehensive suite of model-driven database systems implementing interoperability for the design and operational life of a product, supporting work processes for data exchange, data sharing, data quality and long term data archiving and retention. EXPRESS Data Manager™ implements fully the methodology of ISO 10303 (STEP) and is the tool of preference for international open standards, such as STEP, PLCS, buildingSMART, POSC/CAESAR and others.

To learn more about EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11) click here for a 'White Paper on Enabling Open Information Systems'.


EXPRESS Data Manager™ Software Development Kits

EDMsdk™ Advanced

Complete development platform for data modelers, application developers and method developers with powerful functions for data validation and data conversion.

EDMsdk™ Basic

Down-scaled version of EDMsdk™ Advanced.

EDMviewer™ SDK

Complete development and deployment platform for a 3d viewer supporting multiple formats.


The deployment platform for using EDM functionality, such as, model checkers and data converters as part of your application.

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EXPRESS Data Manager™ Modelling Tools


Graphical data modeling application for creating, visualizing, documenting and sharing data models; direct database implementation of the resulting data models.


Package to define civil engineering workflows, engineering data delivery and checklists with data dictionary support.


EXPRESS Data Manager™ Server Solutions


The unified database system to manage the life cycle of your products and systems, using a model driven and standards compliant architecture.


A supplement to our SDK customers that need to test their client-based software with EDMserver™.


Other products

Jotne also offers the following ready-made end-user applications with EXPRESS Data Manager™:

  EDMmodelServer™ for BIM and VDC using IFC

  EDMtruePLM™ for product lifecycle management using PLCS

  EDMopenSimDM™ for management and archival of simulation data using AP209


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Jotne EPM Technology data products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in the areas of Defense, Aeronautics, Oil & Gas, Built Environment and Aerospace.


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